This is a decorative, non-working rim-lock, with receiver, such as you might find in a Georgian or Victorian house.
Only suitable for doors up to maximum of 4.5mm thick. Subsequent batches will be able to cope with thicker doors.
Please take care to note whether your door is right or left handed. When you look at the side that opens in toward you, a left hand door has the hinges on the left and vice versa. Please be careful to note this on your order or your locks will be upside down.
The lock are available with the polished brass finish or with a black case, as per photos.
It is supplied with the appropriate number of 4mm nails.
While they are workable, great care is required in both their installation and handling as, at this scale, the items are very delicate.
These, as with all my range, are intended for a reasonably experienced modeller equipped with the usual range of tools such as jewellers drill and micro chisel. They come with instructions.
The door in the pictures is intended as an example - and not for sale.
All items are tested before dispatch - but I will accept the return of any item that fails through a defect in manufacture.
I will combine postage.

Door handle - rimlock type (decorative only)