Why dollshouses?

I've made wooden models of one kind or another since as far back as I can recall. But I became especially drawn to dollshouses while making one for each of my daughters while we lived abroad.


As these took shape, they recalled the mystery of other people's lives that many of us have pondered when glimpsing, through a wintery night, brightly-lit windows seen from trains or buses on the way home from work.


These snapshots of other homes - some familiar, others less so - are, for me anyway, what a dollshouse is really about: re-creating a sense of the distinct, particular nature of other people's lives, their tastes, their different ways of doing things.

With a change in circumstances I am happily now devoted full-time to this pursuit. The plan is to build limited batches of one or two houses, closely inspired by real examples that interest me. That being said, they can never be direct copies. To build a practical dollshouse means that one has to edit, to some degree, the original design to reduce the size and to limit the complexity that often builds up in a real house over time. 


I am also most happy to discuss individual commissions for houses or furniture.

And before this...

I have been, at various times and in different combinations, a builder, architectural designer, science writer, European policy specialist, yachtsman and (private) pilot. I currently live and work in Surrey.