Albury Houses

These houses, first shown at the Kensington Dolls House Show in 2019, are based on the distinct architecture of the Surrey Hills area where I live.


Some features, such as the fully tile-hung first floors, can be found in the next-door counties of Kent and West Sussex. However,  combined with the brick trimmed rubble or clunch-walled ground floors - and of course the prominent  chimneys - the overall style is quite unique. Quite why the chimneys are so featured hereabout is a bit of a mystery but it may be because tall chimneys are needed to reach moving air above Surrey's very extensive woodland: or perhaps it was just fashion at the time.

This house has interior fittings and decoration appropriate for the late-Victorian to Great War period so has plug sockets in each room as these would have been making an appearance in some houses at that time.

The woodwork of the windows would likely have been painted an estate colour, pale green near here, but again I thought the natural cherry colour appealing.

Two of these houses are currently available and I have no plans to build more as I want to explore other architectural types with future projects. The houses are more or less identical and are unfurnished.

They measure 32 inches across the front, are 17 inches deep and rise 31 inches to the roof ridge and 39 inches to the chimney tops. (810 x 430 x 715mm).

Price: £4,500 each. Well-intentioned offers will be considered.

Viewings most welcome.

More information about the design and building of the houses is available here: